'Dachau Trials'
Trials by U.S. Army Courts in Europe 1945 - 1948

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Case Number: 000-50-2-98 (US vs Anton Bittruf)
Crime Category: War Crimes, NS-Crimes in Detainment Centers

Bittruf, Anton - Death Sentence (R&R: disappr. of findings & sentence)
Court: General Military Government Court at Dachau, Germany, 470829-470903
Country where the crime had been committed: Germany
Crime Location: KL Dachau
Crime Date: 3909-3910, 4112, 4407
Prisoners, POW's
Nationality: Czech, Polish, French, Russian
Agency: Detainment Center Staff KL Dachau
Subject of the proceeding: Shooting at a group of Czech inmates being unloaded from a train, participation in the shooting of Polish, Czech and French prisoners as member of an SS firing squad, participation in the beating to death of 300 French prisoners on the roll call square of KL Dachau