'Dachau Trials'
Trials by U.S. Army Courts in Europe 1945 - 1948

File Number:
Review Date:
Case Number:
000-50-2-23 (US vs Alex Piorkowski et al)
Crime Category:
War Crimes, NS-Crimes in Detainment Centers
Detmers, Heinz Georg Alfred - 15 Years
Piorkowski, Alex Bernhard - Death Sentence
Intermediate Military Government Court at Dachau, Germany 470106-470117
Country where the crime had been committed:
Crime Location:
KL Dachau
Crime Date:
Prisoners, POW's, Jews
Soviet, Polish, French, Norwegian, Yugoslavian, unknown
Detainment Center Staff KL Dachau
Subject of the proceeding:
Performing guard and supervisory duties in KL Dachau - as camp commander, resp. adjutant - , thereby participating in the subjection of POW's and civilian nationals of nations at war with Germany to cruelties and mistreatment. Selection of invalid transports ("approximately 1000 prisoners per month") for gassing, ordering of camp punishments, killing of tubercular prisoners by means of lethal injections, mass shootings of Soviet POW's, supervision of medical experiments on prisoners (cold water and high pressure experiments by Dr. Rascher and malaria experiments by Prof. Schilling), mass killings of Soviet POW's by means of lethal injections, performing of medical operations on priests by Piorkowskí's private nurse, etc.