'Dachau Trials'
Trials by U.S. Army Courts in Europe 1945 - 1948

File Number:
Review Date: 480107
Case Number: 000-Buchenwald-3 (US vs. Ernst Emil Jackobs)
Crime Category: War Crimes; NS-Crimes in Detainment Centers
Jackobs, Ernst Emil - 15 Years
Court: General Military Government Court at Dachau, Germany 471031-471103
Country where the crime had been committed: Germany
Crime Location: KL Buchenwald (Weimar)
Crime Date: 43 - 44
Victim: Prisoners
Nationality: Polish; Russian
Agency: Detainment Center Staff KL Buchenwald
Subject of the proceeding:
Mistreatment, at the construction site for the Buchenwald railroad station (later Gustloff Works factory), of three Polish prisoners during the winter of 1943/1944, through beatings and by soaking them in water, after which these prisoners were forced to work for eight to ten hours in wet clothing. Ordering to chase several Polish prisoners through the sentry line, whereupon these prisoners were fired upon by the guards. Beating to death of a Russian prisoner with an oak walking stick. Mistreatment of a Russian prisoner by soaking him in water and beating him, after which the Russian prisoner was forced to work in his wet clothing for the remainder of the day