'Dachau Trials'
Trials by U.S. Army Courts in Europe 1945 - 1948

File Number:
Review Date: 470225
Case Number: 12-2185 (US vs. Carl Feix et al)
Crime Category: War Crimes
Feix, Carl - 1 Year
Reininger, Franz - 1 Year
Roemer, Alfred - 1 Year
Court: Intermediate Military Government Court at Dachau, Germany 461004
Country where the crime had been committed: Germany
Crime Location: Niedernhausen
Crime Date: 4410
Victim: POW
Nationality: American
Agency: Civilian
Subject of the proceeding: After parachuting to the ground an American airman was immediately captured and transported to town. Along the way a crowd began to form, including the accused. The victim was beaten with fists, sticks and other objects