'Dachau Trials'
Trials by U.S. Army Courts in Europe 1945 - 1948

File Number: US115
Review Date:
Case Number:
12-1545 & 12-2272 (US vs. Fritz Dietrich et al) (see remarks)
Crime Category:
War Crimes
Dietrich, Fritz - Death Sentence
Dintinger, Fritz - Life Sentence
Eli, Albert - Life Sentence
Hunsicker, Karl - Death Sentence
Klein, Johann - Acquittal
Stemmler, Willi - Death Sentence
Wandel, Richard - Acquittal
Zeitzer, Otto - 4 Years (R&R: disappr. of findings and sentence)
General Military Government Court at Dachau, Germany 470630-470715
Country where the crime had been committed:
Crime Location:
Neunkirchen, Saarbruecken, Burbach
Crime Date:
440731, 440825
SS, Allgemeine SS; Police, Police President Saarbruecken
Subject of the proceeding:

After an air raid three American airmen were forced to parachute from their disabled plane. They were taken into custody and jailed at the police stations of Malstadt, Burbach and Neunkirchen When accused Dietrich - police president of Saarbruecken - heard about the captured fliers he ordered them to be picked up and shot. The flyers were therupon taken to the woods and shot. One of the victims was found alive the next morning and Dietrich ordered that the wounded flyer was to be killed by injections. As this failed to kill the victim, he was later shot dead.
After another air raid, a few weeks later, four American airmen, who had been forced to parachute from their disabled plane were taken into custody by the Burbach police. Again, on orders of Dietrich, the fliers were picked up and shot dead in the woods

Note: The Review and Recommendation carries only the case number 12-1545