'Dachau Trials'
Trials by U.S. Army Courts in Europe 1945 - 1948

File Number: US114
Review Date:
Case Number:
12-1542 (US vs. Maximilian Hermann et al)
Crime Category:
War Crimes
Friedl, Franz X. - 7 Years
Gebhardt, Therese - Life Sentence (R&R: 10 Years)
Grun, Josef von der - 2 Years (R&R: Acquittal)
Heidenreich, Heinrich - Acquittal
Heilmeier, Johann - Acquittal + Life Sentence (R&R: 10 Years)
Hermann [Herrmann], Maximilian - Death Sentence
Kaindl, Korbinian - Acquittal
Lechner, Hans - 7 Years (R&R: 4 Years)
Staudinger, Hans - Death Sentence (R&R: 10 Years)
Kreis [Keis], Else - not tried
Intermediate Military Government Court at Dachau, Germany 460610-460626
Country where the crime had been committed:
Crime Location:
Sillertshausen, Attenkirchen (Kreis Freising)
Crime Date:
NSDAP, Members Kreisleitung Freising, Leader Womens' League Attenkirchen; Police, Chief Rural Police (Landwacht) Attenkirchen, District Chief Rural Police Kreis Freising; Civil Administration, Mayor of Freising
Subject of the proceeding:
After an air raid on Munich, an American flyer parachuted safely to the ground. He was taken into custody by a German soldier and turned over to a member of the Sillertshausen home guard, who was to take the flyer to Attenkirchen. En route, the two men were stopped by the accused Staudinger and Hermann, who led the flyer away into the nearby woods where they shot him. The second victim, a crew member from the same plane, was taken into custody and locked in a jail cell in Attenkirchen. The accused received word that the airman was apprehended and decided to kill him as well. After breaking into his cell and beating him up, the accused finally shot and killed the airman