'Dachau Trials'
Trials by U.S. Army Courts in Europe 1945 - 1948

File Number: US085
Review Date:
unknown (see remarks below)
Case Number:
12-1149-1 (US vs Josef Goldbrunner et al)
Crime Category:
War Crimes
Goldbrunner, Josef - Acquittal
Wilm, Alfons Jacob - Acquittal
Military Commission at Dachau, Germany 450917
Country where the crime had been committed:
Crime Location:
Crime Date:
Subject of the proceeding:
Several American fliers parachuted from a disabled plane in the vicinity of Moosinning, Germany. They were taken into custody and brought to the Moosinning police station. Upon his request one of the fliers was delivered to accused Anton Schosser (see US084), who took him away, allegedly for questioning at the Kreisleitung office. Instead, Schosser shot him. The accused in this case accompanied Schosser (see also US084 and US086)

Note: Goldbrunner and Wilm were originally scheduled to be tried along with Schosser but the court granted a severance in their case and they were tried a few days later. No review and recommendation in their case exists. The one listed under this number, 12-1149-1, contains the review and recommendation in the case of Emil Breitenstein, which also forms the subject of review and recommendation 12-1149-2 (see US086). The trial data as to the accused Goldbrunner and Wilm were taken from the trial list and the reviews and recommendations concerning Schosser and Breitenstein.