'Dachau Trials'
Trials by U.S. Army Courts in Europe 1945 - 1948

File Number: US011
Review Date: 471020
Case Number: 6-24 (US vs. Valentin Bersin et al)
Crime Category: War Crimes
Charge: Violation of the Laws and Usages of War
Bersin, Valentin - Death Sentence
Bode, Friedel - Death Sentence
Boltz, Marcel -withdrawn
Braun, Willi - Life Sentence (R&R: 15 Years)
Briesemeister, Kurt - Acquittal
Chamier, Willi von - Life Sentence
Christ, Friedrich - Death Sentence
Clotten, Roman - 10 Years
Coblenz, Manfred - Life Sentence
Diefenthal, Josef - Death Sentence
Dietrich, Josef (Sepp) - Life Sentence
Eckmann, Fritz - Death Sentence (R&R: disapproval of findings and sentence for lack of evidence)
Fischer, Arndt - 15 Years
Fleps, Georg - Death Sentence (R&R: - Life Sentence)
Friedrichs, Heinz - Life Sentence
Gebauer, Fritz - Life Sentence
Godecke [Gödicke], Heinz - Life Sentence
Goldschmidt, Ernst - Death Sentence
Gruhle, Hans - 20 Years
Haas, Helmut - not tried
Hammerer, Max - Death Sentence (R&R: Life Sentence)
Hecht, Armin - Life Sentence (R&R: 15 Years)
Hendel, Willi Heinz - Death Sentence
Hennecke, Hans - Death Sentence
Hergeth, Emil - not tried
Hillig, Hans - 10 Years
Hofmann, Heinz - Life Sentence (R&R: 15 Years)
Hofmann, Joachim - Death Sentence (R&R: 20 Years)
Huber, Hubert - Death Sentence
Jaekel, [Jäkel] Siegfried - Death Sentence (R&R: 20 Years)
Junker, Benoni - Death Sentence (R&R: Life Sentence)
Kies, Friedel - Death Sentence (R&R: 20 Years)
Knittel, Gustav - Life Sentence
Kotzur, Georg - Life Sentence (R&R: 15 Years)
Kraemer, Fritz - 10 Years
Klingelhoefer, Oskar - Death Sentence (R&R: Life Sentence)
Losenski, Herbert - not tried
Kuehn, [Kühn] Werner - Death Sentence
Maute, Erich - Death Sentence
Mikolaschek, Arnold - Life Sentence (R&R: 15 Years)
Motzheim, Anton - Death Sentence (R&R: 10 Years)
Muenkemer, [Münkemer] Erich - Death Sentence (R&R: Life Sentence)
Neve, Gustav - Death Sentence (R&R: 20 Years)
Ochmann, Paul Hermann - Death Sentence
Pedersen, Werner - not tried
Peiper, Joachim - Death Sentence
Pletz, Hans - Life Sentence (R&R: 15 Years)
Preuss, Georg - Death Sentence
Priess, Hermann - 20 Years
Rau, Fritz - Life Sentence (R&R: 15 Years)
Rauh, Theo - Death Sentence
Rehagel, Heinz - Death Sentence (R&R: Life Sentence)
Reiser, Rolf Roland - 10 Years
Richter, Wolfgang - Life Sentence (R&R: 15 Years)
Rieder, Max - Death Sentence (R&R: 15 Years)
Ritzer, Rolf - Life Sentence (R&R: 15 Years)
Rodenburg, Axel - Death Sentence (R&R: 15 Years)
Rumpf, Erich - Death Sentence
Schaefer, Willi - Death Sentence
Schwambach, Rudolf - Death Sentence
Sickel, Kurt - Death Sentence
Siegmund, Oswald - Death Sentence
Sievers, Franz - Death Sentence
Siptrott, Hans - Death Sentence
Sprenger, Gustav Adolf - Death Sentence (R&R: 15 Years)
Sternebeck, Werner - Death Sentence
Stickel, Heinz - Death Sentence (R&R: 15 Years)
Stock, Herbert - Life Sentence (R&R: 15 Years)
Szyperski, Erwin - Life Sentence (R&R: 15 Years)
Tomczak, Edmund - Life Sentence
Tomhardt, Heinz - Death Sentence (R&R: Life Sentence)
Tonk, August - Death Sentence
Trettin, Hans - Life Sentence
Wasenberger, Johann - Life Sentence (R&R: 15 Years)
Weis, Guenther [Günther] - Death Sentence (R&R: 15 Years)
Werner, Erich - Life Sentence (R&R: 15 Years)
Wichmann, Otto - 10 Years
Zwigart, Paul - Death Sentence
Court: General Military Government Court at Dachau, Germany 460516-460716
Country where the crime had been committed: Belgium
Crime Location: In the vicinity of Malmedy, Honsfeld, Buellingen, Ligneuville, Stoumont, La Gleize, Cheneux, Petit Thier, Trois Ponts, Stavelot, Wanne and Lutrebois
Crime Date: Between 441216-450113
Victim: POW’s
Nationality: American
Agency: SS, Waffen SS, Sixth SS Panzer Army, 1st SS Panzer Division, "Combat Group Peiper"
Subject of the proceeding: Killing of hundreds of American POW's during the Ardennes Counteroffensive.