DDR-Justiz und NS-Verbrechen
Nazi Crimes on Trial

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Case Nr.1630
Crime Category: Early NS Crimes, Final Phase Crimes, War Crimes
Malitz, Dr. Bruno Erwin Fritz Death Sentence
Meinshausen, Dr. Hans Friedrich August Death Sentence
LG/BG Bautzen 480422 Az.: 9a/14StKs15/48
OLG Dresden 480625 Az.: 21ERKs164/48
Country where the crime was committed: GDR
Crime Location: Berlin, Görlitz, HS KL Görlitz Biesnitzer Grund
Crime Date: 33, 43, 4502-4503
Victims: Civilians, Jews, POW's, Foreign Laborers, Prisoners
Nationality: German, Italian, French, Soviet
Agency:  NSDAP Kreisleiter Görlitz, Civil Administration Mayor Görlitz, State educational commissioner in Berlin
Subject of the proceeding: Forced evacuation of the population of Görlitz as well as the inmates of the concentration camp Görlitz Biesnitzer Grund, near the end of the war, under catastrophic conditions which resulted in many deaths and suicides. Shooting of prisoners of the KL Görlitz Biesnitzer Grund who were ill or unable to walk, before and during the evacuation march. Shooting of foreign forced laborers and POW's by the Görlitz Volkssturm (Werksvolkssturm Wumag). Ordering the shooting of the head of the commerical office of Breslau on orders of Gauleiter Hanke. Setting up of court martial proceedings against the local (NSDAP) group leader, who was subsequently sentenced to death. Participation - in 1943 - in the persecution of a couple of whom the man was sentenced to seven years penitentiary by the Volksgerichtshof and the woman sentenced to death and executed. In addition: criminal offenses of a non-fatal nature, among them the dismissal of Marxist, Jewish and half-Jewish teachers in Berlin in 1933 [see also Case Nr. 1532]

Published in DDR-Justiz und NS-Verbrechen vol. XI


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