DDR-Justiz und NS-Verbrechen
Nazi Crimes on Trial

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Case Nr.1386
Crime Category: Denunciation, Other NS Crimes
Sup., Georg 7 Years
LG/BG Cottbus 490919 Az.: StKs12/49
OLG Potsdam 500130 Az.: 3ERKs75/49
Country where the crime was committed: GDR, Poland
Crime Location: Cottbus, unknown
Crime Date: 39-45
Victims: Foreign Laborers, Jews, Civilians
Nationality: German, Polish
Agency: Industrie Fa. Richard Reckmann in Cottbus
Subject of the proceeding: Commissioner with the Reckmann company, which employed foreign forced laborers, POW's and Jewish prisoners at its construction sites. The defendant was responsible for their employment. Their extra rations were stolen, among others, by the defendant. Severe mishandling of a foreign technician. A Polish forced laborer was hanged in public after a brawl with the foreman of a mining pit. Denunciation of a German half-Jew for having a relationship with an 'aryan' woman. The denounced man was taken to KL Buchenwald and nothing was heard of him since

Published in DDR-Justiz und NS-Verbrechen vol. VII


The court decision(s) of this case can be found in the printed volumes of the series or (on-line) here.