DDR-Justiz und NS-Verbrechen
Nazi Crimes on Trial

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Case Nr.1071
Crime Category: War Crimes, Final Phase Crimes
Mei., Emanuel 7 Years
Ras., Walter 5 Years
Röb., Helmut 12 Years
Ros., Karl 10 Years
Schäfer, Walter Life sentence
Wil., Herbert 12 Years
LG/BG Cottbus 630128
Ob. Gericht der DDR 630419
Ob. Gericht der DDR 630419
Country where the crime was committed: Czechia, GDR
Crime Location: Uhyst district Hoyerswerda, Wuischke district Bautzen, Böhmisch-Leipa (Ceskalipa)
Crime Date: 4504-4505
Victims: Prisoners of War, Foreign Laborers
Nationality: Soviet, Polish
Agency: Feldgendarmerie Abt.b (mot.) 88 (army field gendarmerie)
Subject of the proceeding: Shooting of Polish and Soviet prisoners of war on the basis of a general shooting order issued by the Commander of the Panzerkorps 'Gross Deutschland' at the end of the war. Shooting of foreign laborers in Czechia at the end of the war

Published in DDR-Justiz und NS-Verbrechen vol. III


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