nazi crimes on trial
The West German Trials concerning Nazi Crimes
1945 - 2017

crime category

The different categories in this section list the crimes according to their close resemblance to each other, for instance, in regard to the circumstances under which the crimes were committed, or the aim at which they were targetted. A particular crime may well fall within multiple categories. Thus, for example, many so-called 'Justizverbrechen' or judicial crimes, committed towards the end of the war, could also be considered as 'Verbrechen der Endphase' (final phase crimes). In such instances, cases are listed under more than one crime category.

(See also 'Special Crime Categories''

Informing on persons to Third Reich state authorities or party organizations in so far as this led to the death of the denounced person

Homicidal crimes within the context of the National Socialist so-called Euthanasia Program

Judicial Crimes
Homicidal crimes committed by judges, public prosecutors or other judicial civil servants in the administration of justice

War Crimes
Homicidal crimes against soldiers and prisoners of war in so far as they constituted violations of the laws and customs of the international laws of war

Mass Extermination Crimes by Einsatzgruppen
Acts of genocide committed by Einsatzgruppen

Mass Extermination Crimes in Camps
Acts of genocide committed in (extermination)camps

Other Mass Extermination Crimes

NS-Crimes in Detainment Centers
Homicidal crimes committed in detainment centers of all kinds (concentration camps, prisons, forced labour camps, POW camps, etc.) in so far as they do not constitute crimes of mass extermination

Administrative Crimes ('Schreibtischverbrechen')
The administrative preparation and organization of homicidal crimes, excluding 'Euthanasia'

Final Phase Crimes
Homicidal crimes committed during the period of the collapse of the Third Reich

Other NS-Crimes