Justiz und NS-Verbrechen
Nazi Crimes on Trial

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Case Nr.779
Crime Category: NS-Crimes in Detainment Centers
Ganz, Anton Life Sentence
LG Memmingen 721115
BGH 730724
Country where the crime was committed: Austria
Crime Location: KL Ebensee
Crime Date: 4408-4505
Victims: Prisoners
Polish, Soviet, Italian, unknown
  Detainment Center Staff KL Ebensee
Subject of the proceeding: Hanging and trampling to death of prisoners after escape attempts as well as for 'sabotage'. Killing of prisoners out of a transport arriving from KL Gross-Rosen by compelling the naked prisoners to remain out in the open during the night. Attempted killing of prisoners at the end of the war by driving them into a quarry which was to be blown up

Published in Justiz und NS-Verbrechen Vol. XXXVII


The court decision(s) of this case can be found in the printed volumes of the series or (on-line) here.

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