'Dachau Trials'
Trials by U.S. Army Courts in Europe 1945 - 1948

File Number: US181
Review Date:
Case Number:
12-2036 & 12-3218 & 12-3219 (US vs. Hans Rothacker at al)
Crime Category:
War Crimes
Eiermann, Adolf Phillip - Death Sentence
Goetz, Xaver - 5 Years (R&R: disappr. of findings & sentence)
Goetzmann, Matthaeus - Death Sentence (R&R: Life Sentence)
Haitzler, Maurus - 4 Years (R&R: disappr. of findings & sentence)
Karcher, Wilhelm - Death Sentence
Klumpp, Isidor - Death Sentence
Krieg, Hermann Wendelin - Death Sentence (R&R: Life Sentence)
Merkel, Rudolf - Life Sentence (R&R: 15 Years)
Overlack, Kurt - Acquittal
Ratzke, Julius - 20 Years (R&R: 4 Years)
Rothacker, Hans - 3 Years (R&R: disappr. of findings & sentence)
Schneider, Johann Gotthilf - Death Sentence
Stichling, Heinrich - Life Sentence
Weiland [Wieland], Franz - 20 Years (R&R: 8 Years)
Deck, Franz - not served, not tried
Kern, Fritz - not served, not tried
Court: General Military Government Court at Dachau, Germany 470512-470529
Country where the crime had been committed:
Crime Location:
(I). Locations within the German Reich (II). Weisenbach
(III). Weisenbach (IV). Obertsrot (Kreis Rastatt)
Crime Date:
(I). 411209-450508 (II). 440809 (III). 440809 (IV). 440809
NSDAP, Kreisleiter of Buehl Baden, Ortsgruppenleiter Weissenbach, Ortsgruppenleiter Gernsbach, Blockleiter Weissenbach, Blockleiter Au, Ortsgruppenleiter Au-Murgtal; Civilian
Subject of the proceeding:

(I) The accused acted in a common plan to commit Violations of the Laws and Usages of War, and deliberately encouraged, aided, ordered and participated in the subjection of members of the United States Army, who were unarmed and surrendered prisoners of war, to cruelties and mistreatments including killings, beatings, tortures, abuses and other indignities.
(II). After an air raid an American airman was given first aid and transported safely to a courthouse in Wiesenbach, Germany. That afternoon several of the accused proceeded to beat and shoot the victim to death.
(III). After an air raid an American airman fell into enemy hands and was eventually beaten and shot to death.
(IV). After custody was overtaken by the accused an American airman was beaten and shot to death